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Your Spanish Lottery Our

Lottery Office

has been in business for over 32 years, depending on the competent Spanish Governmental Institution for Lotteries and Gambling (SELAE).

All along these years, our office has cashed out a large number of prizes, so we have earned the nickname of "The lucky one". Nowadays we have more than 1,000 subscribers to weekly draws of the National Lottery. The best example, the past of March 3rd we gave 'THE MILLON' 1.000.000€ big prize, in the EuroMillions draw.


Our Spanish Lotter Office We began offering our online services in May 2003, selling all the Spanish State Lotteries and Gambling games, such as National Lottery, EuroMillions, Primitiva, Bonoloto, El Gordo de la Primitiva, Predictor, Quinigol and even Betting Group Stakes.

More and more worldwide customers are using our services daily. That is why our website is in continuous evolution, being one of the Reference Sites in the Spanish online gambling sector.

Spanish Lottery Internet sales system Our support after all these years is our experience managing thousands of bets through our website. That is what encourages us to improve the quality of our services, placing us in the sales ranking among the 7 best Gamblimg Websites in Spain.

We are distinguished by a good customer service, our confidentiality, our security and our hard work.

Your privacy is of vital importance for, so we guarantee you absolute confidentiality. We comply with current Spanish legislation on Personal Data Protection (LOPD), so your data will never be transferred to third parties. Your prizes and transactions will be treated with absolute discretion. has an excellent infrastructure to ensure that the system and all their operations are as safe and fast as possible. Once you are registered as “user”, all your personal data will be hosted on our secure server system, so that your transactions will be transmitted with absolute privacy, over SSL protocol.

The biggest prizewe have ever given out has been 'THE MILLON' 1.000.000 €, in the Euromillions draw of March 3, 2017, spread on one of our pool play groups.
Date Game PRIZE
15/09/2017 EuroMillions € 354,592 2nd Category 5+1
03/03/2017 EuroMillions € 1.000.000 THE MILLON
21/07/2016 Primitiva € 150,979.78 2nd Category 5+C
18/04/2015 Primitiva € 59,174.14 2nd Category 5+C
15/03/2015 Betting Group La Quiniela € 21,420.80 14 Hits
12/09/2014 EuroMillions € 278,515 2nd Category 5+1
18/10/2013 EuroMillions € 489,776.86 2nd Category 5+1
18/06/2013 EuroMillions € 176,075,62 2nd Category 5+1
15/06/2013 Primitiva € 94,883 2nd Category 5+C
17/04/2013 La Quiniela € 446,135 14 Hits
17/03/2013 Betting Group El Gordo € 35,870.72 4 prizes of 4+C. 3rd Category 4+C
31/03/2012 Primitiva € 53,385.26 2nd Category 5+C
21/02/2012 Bonoloto € 45,432.96 2nd Category 5+C
17/08/2007 Bonoloto € 76,392 2nd Category 5+C
05/01/1998 Niño's Lottery € 180,000 by serial. Nº 46036
22/12/1994 Christmas Lottery € 43,270 by serial. Nº 30830
16/05/1992 2nd Category € 60,000 by serial. Nº 32160
23/11/1985 2nd Category € 48,000 by serial. Nº 98820
12/03/1983 2nd Category € 30,000 by serial. Nº 04684
10/07/1982 2nd Category € 150,000 by serial. Nº 02243
17/04/1982 National Lottery € 60,000 by serial. Nº 04465
Also, terminations of El Gordo and thousands of minor prizes.

Admón de Loterías nº 2
Titular: Lotería Cervantes SL
C/ Cervantes 32
03400 Villena Alicante
NIF: B-54667993
Phone: (+34) 96 580 11 72
96 580 36 54
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Admón de Loterías nº 2
Titular: Lotería Cervantes SL
C/ Cervantes 32
03400 Villena Alicante
NIF: B-54667993
Phone: (+34) 96 580 11 72
96 580 36 54
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